Behind the Glass: The Making of Venetian Mirror

Venetian Design Mirror factory located in Nagpur,India is the one and only Venetian Mirror factory in India which makes Handcrafted Venetian Mirrors using age old technique developed in the 15th Century in Venice. The complete process of making a Venetian Mirror is shown in this short documentary.

Each part is cut, beveled and engraved manually by artisans, performing every work by hand with the aid of small tools, grind stones and diamond tipped engravers, perfectly in line with the Venetian tradition.


Glass cutting

Artistic bevelling

Glass engraving





The high level of craftsmanship makes possible to customize every single element and realize it according to the customer’s taste and needs just like a tailored suit, with a decorative style made of transparency, lights and reflections defined by a deep elegance.

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