Modern Mirrors

Modern mirrors are ideal for blending seamlessly into any contemporary home décor. A modern mirror can help creative a minimalist, elegant environment within your home. Our modern mirrors range are ideal for customers that are looking to update their existing home décor as our mirrors can instantly help add a contemporary feel to any home design. With a variety of sizes to choose from you are sure to find a mirror that will suitably fit into your current home environment without overpowering it. We stock an extensive range of styles and designs allowing you to select one that will blend seamlessly into your home.  A modern mirror is the perfect accessory for any home and if used correctly can help to create either a simplistic, ultra chic look or a striking focal point depending on your own personal requirements.  


Our range of modern mirrors are both practical and stylish offering you flexibility to feature in almost any room in your home. Whether it be your living room, dining room or any other living space. Many of our modern mirrors offer large glass frames, these ooze elegance and style and offer a luxurious feel to your home. We also stock modern mirrors which offer attractive contemporary frames, these offer an eye catching feature in your home. Many of our modern mirrors offer funky, unique designs that will create a wow factor in any home environment.  Placed strategically around your home modern mirrors can also create the illusions of a bigger space, this is ideal for customers that are looking to create the feeling of an open plan contemporary living space.  They can also help to brighten up rooms, making them ideal for darker living spaces in your home.    


At Venetian Design we know you do not want to spend a fortune on your mirrors that’s why every mirror in our range is offered at an affordable price, allowing you to create the contemporary look in your home within your desired budget.  All of our modern mirrors have been crafted using only the finest materials, this is reflected in the high quality finish. Our modern mirrors offer stylish designs and will remain in excellent condition for many years due to their durability.   We hope you enjoy browsing our full range of modern mirrors range.